About Majestic Hearts

About Majestic Hearts
The Majestic Hearts of All Colorado logo, as originally designed by John Lowe. Reconstructed as SVG by the author.
This is the beginning of a new day.
God has given me this day to use as I will.
I can waste it or use it for some good purpose.
But what I do with this day is important because I have
exchanged a day of my life for it.
When tomorrow comes, today will be gone forever.
I hope I will not regret the price I paid for it.
- Author unknown (found in the church book of John Lowe, and reprinted in Majestic Hearts Pageant programs)

Majestic Hearts of All Colorado is a registered 501(c)3 charity organization, which raises money for a variety of other charitable organizations through events such as drag shows. In this respects it is similar to several other local organizations. Some of the charities Majestic Hearts has raised money for are:

  • Gateway Domestic Violence Services (a battered women's shelter)
  • The Dolores Project (a homeless shelter that is LGBTQ-friendly)
  • Feeding Denver's Hungry (a charity that distributes food to the poor and homeless of Denver)
  • Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue (a shelter for cats)
  • MaxFund (another animal shelter)
  • Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
  • The Colorado Name Change Project (a group that helps trans people with name and gender marker changes)

Majestic Hearts holds an annual pageant every year, generally the day before Mother's Day, which is a competition to choose the new "reign" for the coming year. The titles which may be awarded at a Majestic Hearts Pageant are as follows (listed along with their intended category):

  • Miss Majestic Hearts (drag queens and part-time trans women)
  • Mr. Majestic Hearts (cis men and full-time trans men)
  • Ms. Majestic Hearts (cis women and full-time trans women)
  • MsTer Majestic Hearts (drag kings, part-time trans men, and non-binary individuals)

Competition winners sign a contract to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Pageant for the ensuing year, including making all scheduled appearances.

Majestic Hearts was founded in 2004 by John Lowe, and the first Pageant was held that year, electing Fantasy Bordeaux Cocktail as Miss Majestic Hearts, Ron Tafoya as Mr. Majestic Hearts, and Phyllis Rogers as Ms. Majestic Hearts. Sadly, Lowe passed away a few years later of AIDS-related complications, leaving the Pageant in the hands of Phyllis. The Pageant has been held every year since then, barring 2020 and 2021 when it was preempted by the COVID-19 pandemic. John Lowe is still honored as the Pageant's founder; his portrait is displayed at every Pageant, the quote from his church book used as the epigraph to this post (above) is printed in every Pageant program, and one of the service awards handed out by the Pageant is named after him.

Majestic Hearts is presently maintained with Phyllis Rogers as the owner and promoter, advised by a Board of Directors:

  • Scot Case (aka Scot Alexzander), former Mr. Majestic Hearts
  • Gigi Jeffries (aka Miss Bee Haven), named as Honorary Ms. Majestic Hearts for Life
  • Karen Katherine Goodgie, former Miss Majestic Hearts
  • Amy Bowersox (aka Amelia Storm), former Miss Majestic Hearts and former Ms. Majestic Hearts
  • Ken Magdasang, owner of local bar Denver Sweet